Minister’s lack of commitment to LGBT community is worrying – Long

Alliance Leader Naomi Long has said she is extremely worried about the lack of commitment to the LGBT community from Minister for Communities Paul Givan.

Mrs Long was speaking after Assembly Question Time, where she asked Minister Givan “ outline the action his Department is taking to improve good relations with regard to sexual orientation.”

Mrs Long said: “In response to my specific question the Minister gave me a bland reading of the legal requirements in regard to Section 75.

“I was hoping for examples of pro-active action he and his department were undertaking to reach out to a section of our community that frequently feels overlooked, whether intentionally or by accident. Unfortunately no examples were offered. Instead, the Minister outlined the basic legal requirements and remarked that his door is open, which obviously indicates a lack of intention to invite the LGBT community into his office.

“As elected representatives we need to be seen to represent and work for all sections of our community, not just those with whom we agree. I would call on Minister Givan to reflect on his responsibilities and ensure his Department does not overlook any of our citizens.”

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