Minister must be consistent with intervention on flooding

Alliance Party leader on Belfast City Council, Naomi Long, has demanded to know why families driven out of their homes by flooding in the Sydenham area of Belfast are not receiving the same support as elsewhere. She is to hand a letter to Minister Shaun Woodward on the subject today.

The East Belfast MLA stated: “Families from the Sydenham area face Christmas in temporary shelter because of flooding seemingly caused by a crack in a pumping station. Yet the Department is effectively telling them to look after themselves.

“These families have in effect been told to make claims on their insurance, as that assistance will come through faster than any help from Government.

“Why is there one rule for one area and one for another? Why must people be prepared to shout before they get fair treatment?

“It is completely untenable that these people should face such hardship prior to Christmas. No one is doing anything about it. The Minister must intervene, and for that reason I will hand a letter to him personally today on the subject.

“It is totally unacceptable that these families should face Christmas with absolutely no assistance from Government.”


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