Minister agrees to meet Crumlin residents over asbestos

FOLLOWING a direct request by Alliance MLA David Ford, Minister for the Environment Angela Smith MP has agreed to hear at first hand the concerns of Crumlin residents opposed to the proposed asbestos transfer station.

Mr Ford said:

“When I heard that the Planning Service were still recommending approval for the asbestos station, I wrote to the Minister repeating my request that she meet local people.

“As a result, the Minister rang me at home and agreed that she would meet a local delegation led by Councillor Thomas Burns and myself. It seems clear to me that the Minister is now prepared to treat this matter seriously, though residents have many concerns at the behaviour of DoE officials.

“It is likely that the meeting will take place in early November. Last week, the representatives of Crumlin community and I discussed the approach to be taken at that meeting. I hope there will be a further opportunity for the people of Crumlin to make their views clear before we meet the Minister.

“It is now up to the Minister to ensure that all the responsible officials, in Planning Service and in Waste Management give an account of their actions past and present.”


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