Minimum wage increase welcomed

The Alliance Party’s Spokesperson on Training and Employment, Councillor Jayne Dunlop, has welcomed the Government’s decision to increase the minimum wage by 10p to £3.70 an hour, and to increase the rate for those under 21 by 20p to £3.20.

Jayne Dunlop said

” This is a welcome change of policy by the Government. The previous announcement was that the rate for those over 21 would be frozen, thus causing this rate to depreciate. This payment will be made in October rather than April which is disappointing, as those affected will have to wait six months for the increase. Despite this proposed rise, I am still concerned by the lack of commitment that has been shown by the Government to raise the level of the Minimum Wage or at the very least maintain it. There are apparently no plans to raise the level annually in line with inflation or to increase the level to a more realistic figure. “


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