Midnight soccer scheme can give Wynchurch anti-social behaviour the red card

Castlereagh Alliance Councillor and Party Vice Chair, Michael Long, has hit out at the perpetrators of arson attacks in the Wynchurch area of South Belfast and is meeting with police tonight to discuss the issue. In the past 15 months almost 30 arson attacks have taken place in the area which is off the Rosetta Road. Cllr Long believes that a new Midnight Soccer scheme which will be set up in the area at the end of August can divert young people away from this type of anti-social behaviour.

Cllr. Michael Long said: “I strongly condemn those involved in arson attacks in the Wynchurch area of South Belfast. It is horrendous that almost 30 attacks have been carried out in the area, which contains only 500 houses, over the past 15 months.

“The arson attacks have mainly been carried out in the early morning, between 1am and 6am.

“I am meeting with local police tonight and I will be calling for increased patrols in the area in the early hours of the morning to combat the problem.

“The police have done good work in the area and I commend their leafleting scheme, which has kept local people informed about the issue. However, I would like to see extra patrols between 1am and 6am, as most attacks happen then.

“An initiative which has been successful in diverting young people away from anti-social behaviour is the Midnight Soccer scheme. The scheme has encouraged young people to get off the street and channel their energies into playing football.

“A new Midnight Soccer scheme will be set up in the area at the end of August and I hope that this project will help decrease anti-social behaviour in the locality.”


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