Mental Well-Being & Resilience Working Group a positive step – Bradshaw

Alliance Health Spokesperson, Paula Bradshaw MLA, has welcomed the Executive’s establishment of a Mental Well-Being & Resilience Working Group as a clear sign that mental well-being is a priority, cross-cutting issue.

The South Belfast MLA stated: “The Mental Well-Being & Resilience Working Group is a positive step, not just because it rightly establishes the issue as high priority, but also because it demonstrates that it is cross-departmental and indeed involves everyone in society.

“To improve mental well-being across society we need proactivity, radical thinking and engagement with people right across the community who are affected in any way by poor mental health.

“Just as with physical health, co-design and co-production of services involving those affected most will be the way to maximise the impact of emerging services and programmes.

“By involving all of society, the positive impact will be felt by all of society. Collaboration across the Northern Ireland Executive and by the Executive with others is a positive step to making a significant difference.”