Menopause awareness makes for better workplaces – Kelly

Alliance Councillor Michelle Kelly has highlighted how raising awareness about the impacts of menopause on women can make for a better workplace.

Councillor Kelly was speaking after Belfast City Council supported her motion to work with organisations, such as trade unions, to ensure that Belfast City Council and its staff are menopause aware.

Councillor Kelly said: “I welcome the support from Councillors to have an awareness and understanding of the impacts of menopause on women. This is an issue that affects every woman, yet is rarely discussed in public.

“The facts are stark. Surveys have shown that around one in four women who experience menopause consider resigning from their jobs. Just small changes from employers can have significant benefits. Ensuring there is adequate ventilation in the workplace can make for a more comfortable environment. Looking at the materials used in an organisation’s uniform; somewhere suitable for the worker to rest; whether toilet and washroom facilities are easily available and whether cold drinking water is easily available are all reasonable adjustments.

“In Belfast, we already have leading employers such as Belfast Health Trust incorporating menopause awareness into policy making. I am pleased that Belfast City Council has agreed to recognise this issue and work to make life better for their female staff.”