Mel Boyle to contest Mid Ulster for Alliance

The Alliance Party has selected Mel Boyle as its candidate for Mid Ulster in the Westminster election on 12 December.

Commenting on his selection, Mel Boyle said: “Mid Ulster is a strong remain seat represented by an abstentionist MP. The constituency needs an MP who will represent everyone and will be a strong articulate voice for remain. Alliance is the largest, most inclusive pro-Remain party. A vote for Alliance is a vote for the EU.


“This will also be the most unpredictable election in recent times, which means every seat will count in the arithmetic of Westminster.


“Abstentionism isn’t a remain position as it enables the government to implement whatever they want. Only someone who will go to Westminster and represent their constituents will have a chance of stopping Brexit.


“Recent elections have shown a surge in support for Alliance right across Northern Ireland. This election is the opportunity for Mid Ulster to return a strong Remain candidate who will turn up and represent the best interests of the area.”