McReynolds says abuse report must be urgently implemented

Alliance Councillor Peter McReynolds has said the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry report findings must be urgently implemented if the Executive gets up and running again.

The new Alliance East Belfast Councillor was speaking after he seconded a motion calling for Belfast City Council to write to all party leaders in Northern Ireland to ensure the recommendations are followed through.

He said: “This is a crucial issue, demonstrating the impact the current lack of an Executive is having on people in Northern Ireland. While those individuals who suffered abuse continue to fight for justice and answers, they are unable to truly move forward from the past because of the lack of political will being shown by some parties.

“While Sir Anthony Hart’s report and his recommendations won’t erase the past they will acknowledge it, ensure it will never happen again and go some way to making the present better for victims and survivors.

“Alliance strongly supported this motion. Victims have been let down time and time again, however, they have kept fighting for truth and justice – to get acknowledgement, to get an inquiry, to be included in that inquiry, and they will keep fighting until they get the recommendations, and more, fulfilled by the next Executive.

“As a Council we can play our part in helping them achieve this by writing to party leaders to ensure the recommendations are followed through as quickly as possible when we have a functioning Executive again.”

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