McNamee puts pressure on Minister Murphy on alleyways

East Belfast Alliance Councillor Laura McNamee is campaigning for Regional Development Minister Conor Murphy to consider upgrading DRD infrastructure within unadopted alleyways as part of an overall upgrade to our antiquated water and sewerage system.

Cllr Laura McNamee said: “I know that times are tight; however, as part of the much needed upgrade of our water and sewerage system, the Minister should consider more frequent maintenance of DRD infrastructure within unadopted alleyways. These alleyways are often neglected, full of litter and overgrown. We have a few local cases where residents have been repeatedly and severely flooded due to poor maintenance of DRD infrastructure within unadopted alleyways, and in instances where a build up of rubbish or vegetation has caused blockages within the system. Increased routine monitoring and maintenance needs to be conducted to prevent such flooding events from recurring.

“Wider issues remain as regards the environmental impact of unadopted alleyways on surrounding properties and, in recent times, I have requested that Belfast City Council undertake a clean up of an unadopted alleyway in East Belfast and I am contacting other residents to see if they are interested in participating in such a scheme for their own alleyways.”


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