McNamee calls on those putting up fly posters to stop ruining Belfast streets

Alliance Belfast Councillor Laura McNamee has called on those responsible for fly posters being put up in the streets of Belfast to stop. Her comments come after it was revealed it costs £250,000 to clean up fly posters in the City. A new law will come into force next year that aims to tackle this problem.

Cllr Laura McNamee said: “Fly posters ruin our streets, especially when they literally cover entire walls. It is a real problem that is costing the Belfast rate payers far too much money.

“As we come into the summer with an influx of tourists I do not want them to see this type of blight on our streets.

“I am glad that the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Law will come into force next year and I will be working to ensure that it is fully enforced. But in the meantime I urge those nightclubs and entertainment venues to refrain from this illegal activity.”


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