McIntyre says serious questions raised by Poots allegations

Alliance Councillor Aaron McIntyre has said recent media reports about the alleged conduct of the DUP’s Luke Poots while chair of the Lisburn and Castlereagh Planning Committee has raised serious questions.

Currently under investigation, the BBC has alleged Mr Poots used his mother’s maiden name to apply for planning permission on his own property. Mr Poots has denied doing anything improper.

Councillor McIntyre said: “This is a serious allegation, which poses a number of questions around the alleged conduct of Luke Poots and his suggested abuse of the planning process.

“These concerns must be investigated thoroughly as, if what is alleged is correct, it is at the very least a serious breach of the Code of Conduct we all must respect as elected representatives.

“While an investigation could potentially prove more serious findings, I would urge Luke and his family to co-operate fully so this matter can be cleared up once and for all.”

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