McGrellis appalled at petrol bomb attacks in Derry

Foyle Alliance Party Representative Keith McGrellis has expressed disgust at the actions of those who threw two petrol bombs at police and firefighters in the Rossville Street area of Londonderry at around 10.30pm last night. He also condemned those who threw a petrol bomb and a paint bomb at the Verbal Arts Centre in the city yesterday evening. He said that there can be no bigger contrast than that of the massively positive opening of Ebrington Square last night and these disgraceful attacks.

Keith McGrellis said: “These were absolutely despicable incidents. The community is united in its disgust at such attacks.

“These incidents happened on the same day as an exciting event to open a new and vibrant public space for the city, Ebrington Square. There can be no bigger contrast than that of the massively positive opening of the square, attached to the Guildhall Square by the peace bridge, and these disgraceful attacks. One event is an amazing sign of our shared and exciting future and the others are a sad relic of the past which have absolutely no place in our society.

“Derry and the rest of Northern Ireland are moving forward to a vibrant and prosperous future and will not be diverted from this path by anyone. Anybody who has information on these attacks should contact police immediately.”


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