McDonough-Brown welcomes positive Police approach to flags on Lisburn Road

Alliance Belfast Councillor Emmet McDonough-Brown has welcomed the decision of the Police to prevent further flags being put up in the Lisburn Road area of the City on Monday night.

Cllr Emmet McDonough-Brown said: “The PSNI have taken a positive approach to the policing of flags on the Lisburn Road. I know that local residents have been concerned by the number of flags that have been put up on lampposts in recent months and have called on the Police to have a new attitude to the issue of flags in the area.

“The latest development has again shown that the current flags protocol is not working and it has been left to the Police to take action. It is important that this issue is resolved in the coming all-party talks, so that the Police are not left in a challenging and unnecessary position.

“This development follows the approach taken in Ballynafeigh and I hope this now means that the Police will be taking a similar attitude in all areas throughout Northern Ireland. I do not want flags to be used to mark territory and intimidate local people. This type of behaviour is unacceptable and I am pleased that the Police are now taking such a positive approach to this issue.”


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