McDonough-Brown highlights long-term benefits of walking to school

South Belfast Alliance Councillor Emmet McDonough-Brown has highlighted the health and social benefits children can get by taking to their feet and walking to school on a daily basis.

The local Councillor was speaking after spending time with pupils at Holy Rosary Primary School as part of Travelwise NI’s Walk to School Week.

The annual initiative aims to not only show children the fun they can have when walking to school with their parents or friends, but to encourage them to make sensible decisions, benefitting their health and environment.

Councillor Emmet McDonough Brown said: “Walk to School Week is an important tool in promoting a healthy lifestyle among children. At a time when people are concerned about the damage to health caused by sedentary lifestyles, it is essential young people develop good habits early on and recognise the substantial impact these can have on their life as they grow and develop.

“As we encourage children to walk to school, it is understandable that some parents might have safety concerns. That’s why we must do everything possible to put the correct precautions in place.

“I was delighted to play my part and distribute fluorescent bands to pupils at Holy Rosary Primary School. While school children can enjoy the brighter mornings and nights, these necessary accessories will make children visible to drivers during the darker winter months.

“Alliance remains committed to making sure all forms of transport are viable and that includes those that want to walk and cycle.”

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