McDonough Brown condemns UVF flags at Cantrell Close

Alliance Councillor Emmet McDonough Brown has criticised those behind the erection of new UVF flags at the shared housing development Cantrell Close.

He said: “People will be waking up this morning facing a renewed paramilitary claim on their area. We must be united in our condemnation of this kind of intimidation.

“I am seeking an urgent meeting with the PSNI, having already written to them this morning, clarifying what resources are being put into policing the area and what action they intend to take to reassure residents in the context of last year’s intimidation of families from their homes.

“Shared housing schemes are rare enough in Northern Ireland, so those who live there have actively chosen to live in an area focused on integration, sharing and mutual respect. They deserve the fullest protection possible, rather than being expected to live under the constant threat of paramilitaries.

“I am calling on those behind these latest flags to remove them immediately. But failing that I’m calling on the PSNI to act, to see these flags removed so those in the area can focus on getting on with their day to day lives.”

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