McDonough-Brown condemns UDU flags being erected in South Belfast

Alliance South Belfast Councillor Emmet McDonough-Brown has condemned those responsible for putting up a number of Ulster Defence Union flags in the Tates Avenue area of South Belfast on Monday night.

Cllr Emmet McDonough-Brown said: “While some may claim that the Ulster Defence Union is a historic organisation, the name has been used by the UDA and they share the same slogan. These flags are intended to cause fear and intimidation within the local community. It is offensive to suggest that people along Tates Avenue agree with this action.

“It is not surprising that these flags have been put up so soon after the DUP and UUP walked out of talks where this issue was under discussion. This is what happens when Unionist parties fail to deal with contentious issues. Once again they show no vision, no strategy, and no leadership.

“People in South Belfast do not want these flags and I would call on them to be removed immediately. Diversity is a source of strength in our city and the Alliance Party will continue to stand with residents against these attacks on shared space.”


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