McDonough Brown brings Wooferendum campaign to Belfast

Alliance South Belfast Councillor Emmet McDonough-Brown is bringing the Wooferendum campaign to Belfast City Hall – an event aimed at drawing attention to the impact on pet travel Brexit will have.

The Councillor behind Belfast becoming more dog friendly, Emmet has said this is a real concern for all dog owners who are used to taking their family pet abroad throughout the year.

He added: “The event at City Hall will take place on Sunday, October 7, and will be part of a national campaign aimed at highlighting this issue, something that will affect many dog owners across Northern Ireland.

“For many of us our dogs mean companionship and friendship. This was what drove my desire to integrate our furry friends into everyday life in Belfast by making the city more dog friendly. Lots of us also like to take our pets abroad with us on family holidays. And yes, I’m including myself in this category. Every year I head to Europe via car and Seb would never be left behind. Up until now he’s been able to travel on his pet passport, but we don’t know whether this will be possible post Brexit.

“I’d like to encourage all those who are worried about this issue to bring their pet and join me at city hall so our voices and barks can be heard.”

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