McConnell welcomes Ulster Bar announcement

McConnell Welcomes Ulster Bar Announcement

South Antrim Alliance Councillor Brian McConnell has welcomed the Northern Ireland Trading Company’s decision to look at alternative sites in relation to the development of a bus terminal, library and commercial facilities in Antrim.

Councillor McConnell praised the decision – which appeared as a public notice advertisement this week – and said that people should be encouraged by the company’s decision to investigate “all avenues” of development.

The Antrim Councillor said: “The question of an alternative site – other than the Ulster Bar site – has to be encouraged. It seems to me that the tone of the advertisement recognises the need to investigate another possible site.

“I am encouraged by the public notice because it doesn’t just concentrate on one area for possible development. It’s also encouraging that the Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company is not fixed on just one idea.

“However, I think that the Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company will have to discuss the issue with Antrim Borough Council. And I also welcome the announcement of a project briefing session which has been announced for January 6.”


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