McConnell questions minister on Ulster Bar plan

South Antrim Alliance Councillor Brian McConnell has urged the Department of the Environment and the Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company to declare their position in relation to Antrim’s Ulster Bar site.

Councillor McConnell, who tabled a series of questions to Environment Minister Lord Dubs at a special Council meeting last Wednesday, said it was necessary for the “relevant parties” to outline their plans for the area.

Mr. McConnell added that the DoE should re-consider the proposed construction of a modern bus station by initiating a development to meet the “commercial and retail” needs of the people of Antrim.

Councillor McConnell said: “We had a good and constructive meeting with Lord Dubs but I want to know where the DoE stands in relation to the development of the old Ulster Bar site.

“It must be developed in such a way as to facilitate the demands of the people of Antrim. And I think the minister should sit down with the DoE and look at the original concept once again.

“Many people may think that the construction of a modern bus station is a good idea. However, equally important is the need for the DoE and Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company to explore other avenues of thought.

“The site is an eye-sore and it’s essential for the development to proceed without any hindrance. We can’t allow this site to fester any longer. The public must be made aware about the current state of play of this site.


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