McClure welcomes funding for North Belfast Church

Alliance Party Oldpark Representative James McClure has welcomed the news that the Department of the Environment has secured £400,000 towards the upkeep of Carlisle Memorial Methodist Church at Carlisle Circus in North Belfast.
James McClure said: “It is very good news that the Environment Minister has secured this funding for what is a very important architectural building in Oldpark and I hope that this will pave the way for the building to be fully restored. Carlisle Memorial Methodist Church is an important building in Belfast and it is situated on a main thoroughfare into and out of the City.
“It is; however, important that other important buildings in North Belfast such as the Crumlin Road Courthouse and Gaol are also restored as they, even in their current state, are visited by tourists every year and if these buildings were restored, this would bring a significant economic boost to Oldpark.”
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