McCausland has important questions to answer – Dickson

Alliance Social Development spokesperson, Stewart Dickson MLA, has said the Social Development Minister, Nelson McCausland, must be held to account over his incorrect claims on the overpayment of Housing Executive contracts. The Minister appeared for 40 minutes at the Committee before he left for a briefing at Stormont Castle, but has promised to return at a later date for further questioning.

McCausland had claimed that four firms overcharged the Housing Executive for a total of £18million, but three of the contractors will now only pay back £670,000. The fourth contractor is actually owed money.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “After a series of allegations, it is clear that Nelson McCausland’s position as Minister is no longer tenable, however, it is important that he allows the Social Development Committee to scrutinise his actions. He has serious questions to answer over why he made this incorrect claim on the overpayment of Housing Executive contracts.

“Whilst he had a legitimate reason for only appearing before the Committee for a short time on Thursday, he has an obligation to return as soon as possible to address these important issues.

“A shadow hangs over his Department whilst he continues at its head. Any other Minister in his position would have resigned months ago. He should take the most appropriate action and step down.”


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