McCarthy welcomes Health Minister’s ‘no smoking on stage’ commitment

Alliance Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy MLA has backed the commitment from the Health Minister Michael McGimpsey to prevent actors from smoking on stage at theatres. Michael McGimpsey gave his commitment after Mr McCarthy raised his concerns on this issue in the Assembly today.

Opposition MLA, Mr McCarthy, said: “Welcome the fact that the Minister has recognised that allowing smoking on stage in theatres would be ridiculous.

“I am pleased that he gave a commitment to remove the clause which would allow actors to smoke onstage, following my speech in the Assembly.

“I am also glad that Minister is listening to the concerns addressed in the Assembly and that he intends to act on them. To enforce the smoking ban effectively and deliver its full health benefits to everyone, we must stick to it. It would be total a kick in the teeth for ban campaigners to let this exemption come into effect.”


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