McCarthy unsurprised at opposition to terrorist amnesty

Alliance Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy has said he is unsurprised at the level of opposition the Prime Minister is experiencing at Westminster over plans for an amnesty for ‘on the run’ terrorists.

Mr McCarthy said: “The Prime Minister does not seem to realise the depth of feeling over this highly controversial issue. It seems as though he was willing to trample over the feelings of the many victims of the terrorists he was preparing to allow back into the UK.”

“Many people find it difficult to understand why Mr Blair was so willing to press ahead with his plans regardless of what other parties from across the political spectrum were telling him. It is particularly galling that while terrorist fugitives were packing their bags to return home, their paramilitary colleagues have continued to exile people from Northern Ireland every day.”

“There is a need to bring some basic fairness and openness back to the political process, otherwise the Government risks alienating the very people who have made it work. There must be no more side deals done behind closed doors, and I believe the Prime Minister only now, as he begins to hit problems in the Houses of Parliament, realises the damage he is doing.”


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