McCarthy supports stiffer ban on smoking in public places

ALLIANCE Health Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA (Strangford) has said he supports an outright ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces and all workplaces.

Alderman McCarthy was speaking after an event in Parliament Buildings, Stormont, today, held by the Ulster Cancer Foundation to raise awareness of the dangers of passive smoking.

Ald. McCarthy said afterwards:

“I am concerned that the Minister is may choose to go down the route of a partial ban in enclosed public spaces, which would mean that bars and other establishments could continue to legally permit smoking.

“Fortunately, the current consultation will continue for another three weeks, and I would urge everyone who cares about their right to breathe unpolluted air to write and make their views known.

“Now that the Government is more aware of the dangers of second-hand smoke to non-smokers, there is no excuse for anything other than an outright ban in all enclosed public spaces and all workplaces. No ifs, and certainly no ‘butts’.

“My own view is that any smoking ban must be matched by efforts to assist smokers to give up this poison that kills thousands of people across the UK and Ireland every year.”

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