McCarthy slams Executive saying Assembly is becoming a ‘talking shop’

Alliance Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy MLA has called on the Executive to start doing its job and bringing legislation to the Assembly instead of letting it become a talking shop. He said that all the Assembly seems to is debate no day named motions, which do not secure any obligation from Ministers to act.

Opposition MLA Kieran McCarthy said: “Why have we seen very little legislation put before the Assembly since devolution returned? I’m sure local people don’t want the Assembly turning into a talking shop. Unfortunately this is what is happening.

“Devolution is meant to be all about making a positive impact on people’s lives and making bold decisions in order to do this. It would appear that either the Executive is running scared from creating new legislation, or else they do not have any fresh ideas to bring forward.

“All we seem to have in the Assembly these days are motions which are debated, with no obligation for Ministers to act on them. This is not good enough. Local people deserve better.

“While almost everybody is happy that the DUP and Sinn Fein entered into government, the chuckle brothers routine from Paisley and McGuinness is simply not enough. We need the Executive to prove that it can function effectively.

“So far the Executive have stalled on making any decision on water charges, on acting on the cost of segregation report, on the review of public administration, on the multi sports stadium, and on appointing a Victims’ Commissioner. Its time for them to show that they are a credible administration with fresh ideas and the courage to put them forward.”


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