McCarthy slams Ards Councillors’ hypocrisy on tourism

Strangford Alliance MLA Kieran McCarthy has slammed the hypocrisy of some Ards Councillors for complaining about a lack of tourism resources on one hand and then doing very little to stop the sale of land vital to the local tourism industry. Mr McCarthy has led the campaign to stop the Ards land sell-off which involved important coastal land, car park space and a playpark. His comments come as news emerged that Donaghadee Harbour now only has only one boat for tourism purposes.

The Ards Councillor said: “There has been real hypocrisy among some Ards Councillors. On one hand they are underline the importance tourism and on the other, some back the sale of vital tourism resources.

“Local Councillors should look at their record in Ards Council because many voted for sale of vital tourism land. You simply cannot back the sale of important coastal land, car park space and a playpark, and then say you are working to protect tourism.

“A number of the other parties could not wait to dispose of this land council and those Councillors must examine their action.

“Even this week, Alliance voted against plans for waste water treatment plant on a well used car park on the Irish Sea coast between Millisle and Donaghadee.

“Other councilors in the area should put their money where mouth is on tourism -the local economy needs unanimous support.”


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