McCarthy shocked that £1.8 million was spent on stadium consultants

Alliance DCAL Spokesperson MLA Kieran McCarthy has expressed shock at the fact £1.8 million in public money has been paid to consultants looking into the multi-sports stadium issue. The amount of cash spent on consultants was revealed at today’s Culture Arts and Leisure Assembly Committee.

The Strangford Alliance MLA said: “I was very shocked to hear that to date £1.8 million of public money has been spent on consultants looking into the proposed multi-sports stadium.

“Irrespective of the location, it is staggering to think that £1.8 Million has been spent already, before brick has been put in place on the new stadium.

“Obviously thorough research must be undertaken on the stadium, but this would appear excessive.

“It feels like there has been little progress made on deciding where the new stadium should be, yet today we have heard about this massive amount of cash already having been spent. This is the public’s money and I am sure that they will be equally shocked that such a massive amount has been spent on consultants.”


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