McCarthy shocked by Royal Victoria Hospital staff shortage claims

Alliance Health spokesperson, Kieran McCarthy MLA, has expressed his shock after it was claimed that five patients may have died at the Royal Victoria Hospital partly due to a shortage of doctors. The claim was made by Dr Tony Stevens, the medical director of the Belfast Health Trust which runs the hospital.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “We have all known about the pressures at the Royal Victoria Hospital, however I am shocked by the claim that as many as five patients may have died partly as a result of a shortage of doctors.

“The Health Minister is in denial about the crisis in our hospitals’ emergency departments. He must take immediate action to alleviate the pressures in our hospitals. While the Minister’s performance is up for debate, I would like to pay tribute to the dedicated and hard working staff at all our hospitals.

“My thoughts are with the families of these five patients. I hope they have received proper support and care from the health service.”


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