McCarthy sceptical over health shake-up funding

Alliance Health Spokesman Kieran McCarthy MLA has expressed scepticism over funding for the biggest health service shake-up here for 40 years.

The Strangford MLA stated: “I welcome the fact that the Minster has finally moved to bring the Hayes report forward.”

“It is clear that the health service has been in need of major surgery for some time, but personally I would be sceptical about the financing and time frame the Minister intends to complete this health shake-up. The capital funding gap over the period is almost £850m.”

“In the meantime, I am concerned that hospitals will lose out on certain services. I know that in Ards, we were promised a major investment in hospital services, but that took 10 years.”

“If this happens again, it could lead to waiting lists increasing in size – something the Minister is desperately trying to avoid. Good intentions are all very well, but if the finance is not there, the Minister’s plans will be needing more than a short-term cash injection.”


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