McCarthy says that car brick attacks could have killed

Alliance Strangford MLA Kieran McCarthy has sated that the recent spate of attacks on cars with bricks could result in a fatality. His comments follow the latest attack on a motorist in the Ards area. Dominic Lennon suffered cuts to the head when a brick was thrown at his car on Wednesday night on the road between Ards and Greyabbey.

The Strangford MLA said: “This latest incident shows that the perpetrators still do not understand that their actions could have led to fatalities. I would have thought that after the attack last Saturday in which another motorist Jackie Anderson nearly died that this would have been the last we heard of these incidents.

“These two recent attacks are unfortunately not the only times that incidents similar to this has happened in the area, but I hope that they will be the last. We must make sure that people behind these attacks are taken off our street before their actions cause a death.

“The police must do more to make sure that those behind these dangerous attacks are brought to justice. I would also urge members of the community to be on the look out for these people and to pass on any information on the attacks to the police.”


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