McCarthy says report on experiences of mental health patients raises concerns for Health Service

Alliance Health spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has said that the report by the Belfast Mental Health Rights Group into the experiences of the Health Service by those in a mental health crisis has raised issues for the Health Department to address. The report highlights problems such as long waiting times and those in a mental health crisis not being given details of their follow appointments when they are discharged.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “I was very concerned by the contents of this report, especially as those who are in a mental health crisis are in an extremely vulnerable state.

“While there is a problem with long waiting lists in general, those who have had suicidal or self harm thoughts should not be left waiting a long time to be seen. The fact that this report highlighted experiences where those in a mental health crisis felt they were in the way and believed they were seen as a less important because they did not have a physical injury, shows that they need to be given greater support.

“This report also highlighted the importance of ensuring that information about a follow up appointment should be given to those in a mental health crisis when they are discharged. I hope that the Health Service will take on board the points that this report makes and ensures that they are actioned.”


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