McCarthy says Poots must investigate why 100 patients are having their cases reviewed

Alliance Health spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has called on the Health Minister EdwinPoots to investigate the circumstances that have resulted in 100 patients in the Belfast Trust having their cases reviewed.

KieranMcCarthy MLA said: “This is extremely concerning news that 100 patients are having their cases reviewed for possible misdiagnosis. This would be a serious breakdown in proper procedures if patients have had a misdiagnosis. We must have complete confidence in the decisions and the diagnosis that doctors are making.

“The Health Minister Edwin Poots must urgently review the circumstances that have resulted in this happening.

“He made a statement to the Assembly where he acknowledged that hospitals were struggling to meet their health targets. If this review of certain cases proves that mistakes were made, then serious questions must be asked as to why it was allowed happen.

“I hope the Minister will allow for a proper debate in the Assembly on this incident and other problems in the Health Service. So far he has been reluctant to do anything other than make short statements to Assembly Members which doesn’t allow for proper scrutiny.”


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