McCarthy says hospital bed plans is ‘scandalous’

Alliance Party Health Spokesperson, Kieran McCarthy MLA has condemned Belfast Health Trust proposals to try and send new mothers home between six and 12 hours after they give birth saying the policy could put mothers and babies at risk.

Kieran McCarthy MLA stated: “Having a policy like this would be scandalous. This is yet another health story which will send a shiver through our entire society.

“Hospitals cannot simply put mothers out of their bed a few hours after they have given birth. This could present a significant safety risk to mothers and babies.

“News has also emerged that the Royal Jubilee Maternity Hospital could be planning to close a maternity ward which could see up to 20 beds lost. People will be stunned at these reports.

“We need a sensible approach to be taken on efficiencies. Frontline services must not be cut because all savings can be made within the administration sector. I will fight cuts and policies like these all the way.”


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