McCarthy says family deserve apology over baby’s death

Alliance Health spokesperson, Kieran McCarthy MLA, has said that the family of a baby who died at Antrim Area Hospital deserve an apology. Her death is one of the 20 cases that are being investigated in the Northern Health Trust where it is believed that treatment was below standard. Erin McAuley died in May 2008 because there was no theatre available for an emergency caesarean section.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “It was heartbreaking to hear the story of baby Erin and the traumatic experience of her parents.

“I am deeply shocked that they have never received an apology. If the Heath Minister wants to show that he is taking this matter seriously then he should take responsibility and apologise to the family.

“It is important that these investigations get to the truth of what happened in these cases and provides some sort of closure to the families involved.”


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