McCarthy says DUP is in disarray over Maze

Alliance Culture spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has said there is total confusion in the DUP over the Maze stadium issue. On one hand, Jeffrey Donaldson is talking about the cost of delaying the Maze, yet on the other many of their MLAs are fundamentally opposed to the Maze stadium plan. Jeffrey Donaldson was speaking after Belfast joined with the rest of the UK in the Olympic handover to London.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “This DUP are in real disarray over the Maze stadium issue.

“Not content with delaying the Maze decision, they are now adding further confusion into the mix.

“The Olympic Games have just finished and there’s there a real feelgood factor in the UK. The DUP must not allow this feelgood factor to be lost in Northern Ireland. They have to bolster local sport and the way to do this would be to build a shared multi-sports stadium as soon as possible.

“The public will not allow any more stoppage time on the decision and the DUP will get a red card if they continue the delays. The DUP have delayed on this issue for well over a year now for no good reason. I again want to tell them to get on with building a stadium at the Maze, instead of losing the massive potential that this site holds.”


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