McCarthy lambasts early finish at Assembly and lack of Executive business

Alliance Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy MLA has expressed disgust that the Assembly is finishing early yet again today. He expressed frustration at the lack of Executive business coming to the Assembly and said given that the UK’s Comprehensive Spending Review in only days away, the Assembly should be focussing on the challenges it will present.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “I am deeply annoyed that the Assembly is finishing early again. We are only a matter of days away from the Comprehensive Spending Review and yet our Assembly is finishing up early.

“This is disgraceful and it sends out a terrible message to the public. We need to see more Executive business coming to the Assembly. You would think that given the massive challenges facing Northern Ireland in relation to public spending the Assembly timetable would be crammed full with important matters. That is far from the case and today’s early finish does nothing to bolster public confidence in politics and politicians.

“Devolution is meant to be about delivery for people here and early finishes at the Assembly leave a very bad taste in people’s mouths.”


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