McCarthy keeps pressure on Health Minister to implement Bamford Review

Alliance Health Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has re-iterated his call to the Health Minster to improve services for people with mental health needs and learning disabilities by speedily implementing the findings of the Bamford Review.

Strangford MLA Kieran McCarthy said: “The Health Minister Michael McGimpsey must commit to a full timetable for progress in implementing the findings of the Bamford Review. The Executive’s record so far has given people little indication that mental health and learning disability services will improve at all.

“This report has been in the in-tray of our Health Minister for long time, yet little has been done to implement its proposals.

“Our healthcare staff do a great job but they need the Bamford Review to be implemented urgently to allow them to do their job even more effectively. It’s all gone a bit quiet in recent months as regards this issue but I want to let the Minister know in no uncertain terms that Alliance will continue to keep the pressure on him.

“Is the Minister content to let our mental health services remain as they are currently? Has he any vision or ambition for these aspects of the health service? We will keep pushing him to implement Bamford and will not stop until he has done so.”


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