McCarthy in call for hospitals to do more to prevent MRSA

Alliance health spokesperson Kieran McCarthy has told local hospitals to do more to maintain the highest levels of hygiene in order to prevent its patients from contracting the MRSA virus. His remarks come in light of a new born baby that might have contracted MRSA at the Royal Victoria hospital, although their spokesperson has said the baby might have contracted it anywhere.

The Strangford MLA said: “This would be a worrying turn of events if it turns out that this baby, Rossa Taylor, did catch MRSA at the Royal, although I do acknowledge that he might have caught it anywhere.

“Hospitals must make sure that no corners are cut when they look at improving cleanliness and hygiene levels. I believe that they could be doing more as the levels of hygiene are not as high as they could be in my view.

“There have been too many cases of MRSA in our hospitals recently and I would like to see them doing more otherwise we could have a big problem on our hands.”


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