McCarthy hits out at Ards DUP hypocrisy on industrial derating

Strangford Alliance MLA Kieran McCarthy has slammed the DUP Councillors in Ards who have displayed total hypocrisy over industrial de rating. Cllr McCarthy said that Ards Councillors recently met with leading local company Pritchitts and the Northern Ireland Manufacturers Focus Group and promised they would continue to support industrial de-rating. However, the day after that meeting, the DUP refused to support his proposal at the Council to back the continuation of de-rating.

Opposition MLA and Ards Councillor, Mr McCarthy, said: “The Ards DUP Councillors involved have shown breathtaking hypocrisy.

“How can they support industrial de-rating one day, and then the very next day do a total u-turn and refuse to support my proposal to back the continuation of de-rating.

“The behaviour of these DUP Councillors is a real kick in the teeth for local industry. It is made even worse because of the fact that only a day earlier they told a key local employer and the NIMFG that they supported their cause.

“I am astounded by the audacity and hypocrisy of these DUP Councillors.They cannot now say that they are doing all they can to support local business following this astonishing turnaround.

“We need full clarification on where the DUP stands on this issue. Do they support local businesses on industrial de-rating or not?”


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