McCarthy demands answer on MS drug denial

Strangford Alliance MLA Kieran McCarthy will join a cross-party group of MLAs joining representatives of the MS Society at a meeting with Health Minister, Shaun Woodward, to discuss why some people are being deprived of access to a crucial drug.

The Ards Borough Alderman stated, “Patients are baffled as to why some MS sufferers seem able to access this drug, while others cannot.

“The principle is quite simple: if people qualify for a drug on the NHS, they should be provided with it.

“This has the support of patients, the MS Society and a cross-party group of MLAs. We will be demanding answers as to why some people, for no apparent reason, are being deprived of the drugs they require.

“This is another clear-cut case of where the priority in our Health Service must lie with the patients themselves.”


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