McCarthy declares his anger at lack of funding for Alzheimer’s drugs

Alliance Health spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has stated his anger over the High Court decision not to fund vital Alzheimer’s drugs on the NHS. Campaigners had lodged a case at the High Court to have these drugs available on the NHS but their case was turned down this afternoon.

The Strangford MLA said: “These drugs are vital particularly in the earlier stages of Alzheimer’s and I believe that this decision is almost shameful.

“The cost of providing these drugs are quite minimal and I feel almost angry, as for people to be denied them is a real concern for me.

“I call on our own Health Minister Michael McGimpsey to step in and give confidence to people by putting these drugs on the NHS here.

“Alzheimers is an awful disease and it affects many people and will affect more people in the future as our life expectancy grows. So this is no time for drugs such as to have their funding withdrawn.

“I believe that there is now an emphasis on our health committee to make sure that our patients are treated fairly and squarely, something that I will be making one of my priories when the Assembly returns from recess.”


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