McCarthy calls on Ulster hospital to do more to cut waiting times

Alliance Health spokesperson Kieran McCarthy has called on the Ulster Hospital to do more to cut waiting times as it emerged that around 50 people had to wait over 12 hours on Monday and Tuesday in the accident and emergency department. The Government target for seeing patients is within 4 hours.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “To have to wait over 12 hours in accident and emergency is an unacceptable length of time. And the fact that this is triple the supposed maximum waiting time just shows how much the Ulster Hospital failed in its duty to patients.

“All Government Departments are being squeezed with reduced budgets but we must ensure that resources and services are directed to frontline services so that it is not the public who lose out.

“I hope that the hospital will have better services in place to ensure that these shocking waiting times are not seen again.”


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