McCarthy attacks UUP over no to Hillsborough vote

Alliance Chief Whip also said that the UUP can never again be considered a moderate or constructive party after they voted no to the Hillsborough deal. He has also said the Tories cannot continue their link with the UUP if they want to be taken seriously on Northern Ireland issues.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “The Ulster Unionists cannot again be seen as a moderate or constructive party.

“Their infantile antics of the past weeks show they cannot be relied on to deliver better government. What have the actions and tantrums of the UUP achieved except to damage their own party? They have become a laughing stock. Where do they go now, will they start accusing Jim Allister of being too soft?

“Voters can forget about the UUP because they deliver little except anger and intransigence. Their attitude has no place in the positive politics we need to secure a lasting peace in Northern Ireland. It’s a good thing their opinion is irrelevant on this because were they taken seriously, they could have inflicted massive damage on the peace process.

“The Tories must now end their link with the UUP, because they will be irreparably tainted and will not be taken seriously on Northern Ireland if they do not. The Tories’ excuses about why they cannot the control the UUP simply do not wash with people. If they cannot manage a relationship with the Ulster Unionists, how can people ever believe they can govern the UK and lead it out of these devastatingly difficult economic times?”


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