McCarthy asks Nesbitt whether he takes same view as Tom Elliott on Sinn Fein

Strangford MLA elect Kieran McCarthy has asked Mike Nesbitt whether he holds the same views as UUP Leader Tom Elliott on Sinn Fein, following Mr Elliott’s comments on Sinn Fein at the Fermanagh and South Tyrone election count. He said that it is important that the wider Ulster Unionist Party provides clarity on whether they agree or not with Mr Elliott’s remarks.

Kieran McCarthy said: “I want to see whether local UUP representatives in Strangford like Mike Nesbitt and other leading UUP voices across Northern Ireland are in agreement with the awful comments made by Tom Elliott about Sinn Fein on Saturday at his election count.

“These disgraceful remarks were a throwback to Northern Ireland’s past. Many UUP supporters are shocked at what was said and I believe that others in the UUP must tell the public whether they hold the same views as Mr Elliott.

“These nasty comments show the true colours of the UUP Leader and I believe the party needs to immediately clarify whether they back his views or not. If they do back his views, many who have given the UUP their vote could abandon the party. UUP supporters will be appalled at Mr Elliott’s attitude. I believe their party cannot be ambiguous about this issue – the public deserve to know whether the UUP backs his despicable comments or disowns them.”


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