McCarthy angry over ambulance service cuts

Alliance Health Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has expressed anger at news that the ambulance budget has to be cut this year, meaning that some ambulances will be replaced by lesser Rapid Response Vehicles. He stated that the Minister has much explaining to do and said that the cuts will shake people’s confidence in his ability.

Opposition MLA Kieran McCarthy stated: “These cuts are a disgrace. The Minister Michael McGimpsey has a lot of explaining to do. These moves will shake the public’s confidence in his ability and judgement. If efficiency savings are to be made in health, they must be made in administration not vital frontline services.

“Segregation costs Northern Ireland £1 billion annually. The Executive are stalling on ending segregation yet they are happy to cut the ambulance service budget to save cash. This is simply not on.

“The public rightly expected new ambulances to be provided to replace outdated ones. What they now face are cuts in the budget leaving Northern Ireland with fewer ambulances than before. Rural areas already feel short changed by our health service – these moves worsen this situation.”


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