McCarthy angry at Sport Strategy delays in Executive

Alliance Culture Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has expressed disgust that the Strategy for Sport and Physical Recreation in Northern Ireland is being delayed by the Stormont Executive. The issue was discussed in the Assembly’s Culture Arts and Leisure Committee today.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “I am extremely angry that the Sports Strategy has been delayed in the Executive. Staggeringly, this document was put out for public consultation over a year and a half ago.

“You would think that a straightforward issue like sports could be dealt with quickly by government – well not with this Executive. This is yet another own goal from them.

“With the London Olympics approaching we needed to get a sports strategy in place as soon as was possible. There are many spin-off benefits for Northern Ireland as regards the Olympics and we are doing ourselves no favours by delaying this strategy.

“With this strategy being delayed, many groups could potentially be missing out on much needed funding that this policy might bring. Sports clubs will be very annoyed at this delay and will want to give the Executive the red card.”


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