McCarthy anger at hospital beds cut plan

Alliance Party Health Spokesperson, Kieran McCarthy has expressed anger at news of plans to cut a total of 152 beds at Belfast’s two main hospitals and a freeze in recruitment. He said that ending division in our society could free up the cash needed to prevent these cuts. These plans have been proposed as part of the Belfast Health Trust’s response to the Comprehensive Spending Review.

Kieran McCarthy stated: “This would be disastrous for our health service. I am extremely angry that frontline services could be serious impacted upon due to these cuts.

“The public will be stunned that cuts of this magnitude and a freeze on recruitment are being discussed. We need strong, sustainable services and we will not settle for second best.

“Health is one of the most important, if not the most important sector of government. If the Stormont Executive cannot provide a strong health service then they will have failed the people of Northern Ireland.

“£1 billion is being wasted every year in Northern Ireland on maintaining division. How can this waste continue when our health service faces these massive cuts? The Executive must start ending segregation and protect vital services.”


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