McAlpine secures dog fouling signs in town

Alliance Councillor Lorna McAlpine has secured new signs warning against dog fouling in Portaferry.Following recent Alliance residents’ surveys in the area conducted by Councillor McAlpine and colleagues including Kellie Armstrong MLA, she said the issue was one of the main ones among locals.

“People, particularly in the Windmill Hill area of the town, told us it was a major problem,” said Councillor McAlpine.

“I contacted Council officers and as a result, they have now put up 18 new dog fouling signs on Meethinghouse Street and Windmill Hill. Now anyone caught allowing their dog to foul risks a fine of £1,000.

“Irresponsible dog owners and the mess they allow their pets to leave behind can be off-putting for residents and visitors alike. I hope these new signs will allow us to reduce this problem.”

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