McAllister welcomes City Deal news

Alliance North Belfast Councillor Nuala McAllister has welcomed the Secretary of State signing the Heads of Terms for the Belfast City Deal.

The move is another major step towards the completion of the first City Deal for Northern Ireland, which would see £350 million of funding. Further funding from the private sector could being the entire investment package to £1 billion.

“A City Deal is an amazing opportunity for not only Belfast but the wider greater Belfast area, taking in several Councils. It will bring investment, employment, regeneration, innovation and more,” said Councillor McAllister.

“It is positive all parties on the Council backed this project, showing what can be achieved when working together for the common good. We can showcase Belfast as the open, welcoming city we know it to be. It is up to all of us to ensure it delivers for everyone.

“Alliance will also continue pushing for a Derry-Londonderry City Deal, having had the Chancellor previously mention a commitment to discussions on it. It is vital for the city and wider north-west to have it delivered as soon as possible.”

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